Take action

Girls smiling at camera

Young people are leading the movement for change all over the world. They are holding governments to account on their commitments to climate change, pushing back against repressive and misogynistic laws and policies and rewriting the script that determine how we think, behave and treat each other across gender, racial and other divides. Young people are taking action and working on issues that matter to them: you can too!

Lobby your elected officials to influence local, state or national policy

Lobbying means speaking with an elected official in person to garner support for your demands. As a constituent, you can request a meeting with a local or state official by writing directly to them. In your letter, you can make direct demands on an issue you care about. Use our scorecards as a resource to fill in the official’s possible information gap on girls’ education.

Host a letter writing party

Gather your friends, classmates and family to write letters supporting girls’ education to your government official about why they should support girls’ education. In your letters, use compelling data from this website. Send the letters together in a stack to capture the official’s attention. This may prompt them to write back stating their position on their issue, and encourage a positive action.

Develop a petition to demonstrate support for girls’ education

In your petition, list your demands for girls’ education in your country. These could include those listed in Our Recommenda­tions and be tailored to your particular context based off of the gaps made evident on our scorecards. When people sign your petition, it shows they are in support of your demands. Politicians who make key decisions respond to public pressure and this is one way to demonstrate that girls’ education is a priority.

Organise action on social media

Speak publicly about the importance of girls’ education on social media. Be creative: use videos, photos or other multimedia. If it is safe, encourage your supporters to tag your target in their posts. This will demonstrate the popularity of your demands and help draw widespread attention to your posts.